News & What's New - February 2017
Another announcement from Meteor House
26 Feb 2017
The Adventure of the Fallen Stone (Being the First Part of the Account of The Dynamics of a Meteor), by John H. Watson, M.D., edited by Win Scott Eckert.
From the announcement: «Philip José Farmer’s The Adventure of the Peerless Peer was only the beginning. The Adventure of the Fallen Stone is chronicling Sherlock Holmes’ ongoing efforts to combat the hellish hun, as recounted by the Great Detective’s Boswell, Dr. John H. Watson, and edited for publication by Win Scott Eckert!»

The chapbook, 24 pages, can now be preordered from Meteor House for $8, plus shipping. It will be published in March 2017.
Meteor House announces The Best of Farmerphile
6 Feb 2017
The announcement from Meteor House:

Farmerphile: The Magazine of Philip José Farmer was a quarterly fanzine that ran fifteen issues from July 2005 to January 2009. Michael Croteau served as publisher for all fifteen issues; Christopher Paul Carey and Paul Spiteri coedited the first ten issues, while Spiteri and Win Scott Eckert coedited the last five.
Thanks to the generosity of Philip José Farmer and his “Magic Filing Cabinet,” Farmerphile published—for the first time anywhere—short stories (mostly not science fiction), excerpts, articles, speeches, and letters written by Farmer. It even serialized the novel Up from the Bottomless Pit (not included in this collection, but forthcoming from Meteor House).

Hardcover ($40) Trade paperback ($29)

Now the hard part: narrowing down so much content into one “Best of” collection. This was much harder than it sounds, as nearly all the content was worthy of inclusion. So, we focused on broadly covering as much ground as possible, as well as including pieces that touched on Farmer’s personal life. Assembled here is a wealth of information about one of the greatest science fiction writers of all time along, with some of his earliest writing.

The Best of Farmerphile is available in two editions: a Trade Paperback and a Hardcover Limited Edition. The books can be preordered now. They will be published in the Summer, in July 2017.
Cougar by the Tail
1 Feb 2017
Last year I asked Tracy Knight if and when he would finish Philip José Farmer's western novel Cougar By the Tail.

Ten years ago, in 2007, Tracy got the permission from Phil and Bette Farmer to complete the novel, which Farmer had started somewhere in the 1970s. The finishing of the novel was announced in July 2008, together with other likewise announcements.
An excerpt of this novel was published in the fanzine Farmerphile, Issue No. 15, January 2009.
In the interview in this issue Tracy said that he had finished the novel between a third and a half.

But unlike the other announced works, "Getting Ready to Write" (with Paul Spiteri), The Evil in Pemberley House (with Win Scott Eckert), and the third Opar novel The Song of Kwasin (with Christopher Paul Carey), nothing was following the original announcement of Cougar By the Tail.
Reason also for my question.

Tracy Knight made it clear to me that he will not finish Phil Farmer's western novel. He had not a good feeling about finishing it. I do not know his exact words, because I cannot find his message anymore, but Tracy cares much about Farmer's writing, and him finishing it would do the novel no good.
It's a pity, but we have to trust Tracy's judgment on this. I would have loved to see the novel.

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