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Wahl, Greg & Bobbitt, Charles - "The Icing: Philip José Farmer"
In a history book about "Missed Chances of a Middle American Town" is a chapter about noted people that didn't stay in Peoria. However, one came back: Phil. There is a nice piece about Phil's life and writing career, that reads like a remembrance, because of his death a few months before the book got published.
  • It Didn't Play in Peoria, by Greg Wahl and Charles Bobbitt
    Arcadia Publishing, ISBN 978-0-7385-2570-9, trade paperback, 07/2009


Wake, Paul (et al) - "Philip José Farmer"

Entry in the section 'Mainstream Science Fiction': "..Farmer's best works are his superb parodies and pastiches of other writers' characters and mythologies.." and "..this imaginative and versatile writer is unlikely to be forgotten."
  • Waterstone's Guide to Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror, edited by Paul Wake, Steve Andrew & Ariel
    Waterstone's Booksellers, ISBN 0-9527405-8-3, trade paperback, -/1998


Wakeman, John (et al) - "Philip José Farmer"

Entry, with a piece by Farmer himself about his life and career. Next to the autobiography there is a critical comment about his work, from the first story "O'Brien and Obrenov" till "...the most admired of Farmer's books...", the Riverworld series. The entry is completed with two lists, one of PJF's "Principal works" and one with articles about the author. Farmer is only one of the nine science fiction writers of the 348 authors included in the book.
  • World Authors (1970-1975), edited by John Wakeman
    The H.W. Wilson Company, ISBN 0-8242-0641-X, hardcover [no dustjacket], -/1980


Waldrop, Howard - "On Not Going There"
In his article Howard shares his frustration with us about his own 'starting writer period', trying to come with an idea for a story that had not already been used by one of the big name writers, like Philip José Farmer.
  • Farmerphile Issue No. 11, january 2008
    [Fanzine, edited by Win Scott Eckert & Paul Spiteri.]
  • The Best of Farmerphile, edited by Michael Croteau
    Meteor House, ISBN 978-1-945427-08-4, hardcover, 07/2017
    Meteor House, ISBN 978-1-945427-07-7, trade paperback, 07/2017

Joey Van Massenhoven

Walter, Damien G. - "Riverworld"
A chronicle – with a so called 'colour-coded infographic timeline' – of the Riverworld series, as treated in the different media. The Riverworld timeline is not complete, not by far. Stories by Farmer are missing, and every story written by other authors. The second Riverworld movie is missing.
  • Sci-Fi Chronicles, edited by Guy Haley
    Firefly Books, ISBN 978-1-77085-264-8, trade paperback, 09/2014, $ 29.95

    Aurum Press [UK], ISBN 978-1-78131-359-6, hardcover, 10/2014, £ 25.00


Walton- Michael - "Sir Richard Francis Burton: The Erudite Adventurer"
Introduction, that starts with: «Despite his life and achievements being both historically verifiable and wholly grounded in a very real world, Sir Richard Francis Burton might seem to have been a character straight out of a fantasy novel. He wasn't.» Walton then explains why this picture came to be.
  • A Rough Knight for the Queen
    Meteor House, ISBN 978-1-945427-19-0, hardcover, 09/2020
    Meteor House, ISBN 978-1-945427-18-3, trade paperback, 09/2020

Charles Berlin

Weil, Dede and Wolfe, Gary K. - "Riders of the Purple Wage"

Article and review about the stage version of Phil Farmer's 1967 Hugo winning story "Riders of the Purple Wage".
See also the page Miscellany.
  • Locus #349, February 1990
    [SF News magazine, edited by Charles N. Brown.]


Weinberg, Robert - "On the River with Philip José Farmer"
The author Weinberg tells about his involvement with the Phantasia Press publications of Farmer's World of Tiers books and three novels in the Riverworld series. He also wrote two Riverworld stories for the anthologies Tales of Riverworld and Quest to Riverworld.
  • Farmerphile Issue No. 15, January 2009
    [Fanzine, edited by Win Scott Eckert & Paul Spiteri.]

Keith Howell

Welch, Chuck - "The Kindly Author and his Avid Fan"
In this piece Welch shares with the readers a memory of writing a letter to Philip José Farmer in 1976. Welch had noted an issue in his Doc chronology, published in Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life. To his surprise Farmer answered the letter. A photo of both letters is included.
  • The Bronze Gazette #80, Winter 2017
    [Fanzine, edited by Chuck Welch. Contents in honor of Phil's 100th anniversary of birth in January 2018.]

Rick Forgus

Welch, Chuck - "Philip José Farmer: An Anaglyphic Look"
Essay about Farmer's huge role in the Savageology. Thanks to Farmer's work, like Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life, Welch discovered the Doc Savage series: «...you can honor Philip José Farmer as the man who wrote Doc's biography. You can blame him as the man who gave Doc Savage a sex life. Those contrasting perspectives simply prove that Farmer made you take a good hard look at the character...I for one, thank Farmer for all he did to help us explore our understanding of the Doc Savage universe.»
  • The Bronze Gazette #80, Winter 2017
    [Fanzine, edited by Chuck Welch. Contents in honor of Phil's 100th anniversary of birth in January 2018.]

Rick Forgus

Wells III, Stuart W. - "Philip José Farmer"

List of the collector's items of PJF's books and their prices, with several black and white cover reproductions.
  • Science Fiction Collectibles (Identification & Price Guide)
    Krause Publications, ISBN 0-87341-684-8, oversized trade paperback, -/1999


Wessels, Paul & Lofficier, Jean-Marc - "Afterword"
An essay on Philip José Farmer and J.H. Rosny Ainé: "In terms of science fiction there is no writer more indebted to Rosny, and none more worthy of the honor, than Philip José Farmer. From beginning to end, both Farmer and Rosny ceaselessly experimented with alchemical transformations of ignorance and knowledge, writing like men possessed...". This essay is about the works by J.H. Rosny and the shared ideas and themes in his work and in the works of Phil Farmer.
  • Helgvor of the Blue River, by J.-H. Rosny Ainé
    Black Coat Press, ISBN 978-1-935558-46-0, trade paperback, 08/2010

Vincent Laik

West III, John T. - "The World of Tiers"

A critical essay about the novels of The World of Tiers series, describing the plot of each novel and giving an analysis of the series: "...The series is a fine adventure story in its own right, one that displays Farmer's ability to create fantasy lands and to people them with fascinating new biological concepts, wind them up, and let them run...". West mentions in his article only the first five novels, omitting More Than Fire (1993).
  • Magill's Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature, Vol.4, edited by T.A. Shippey
    Salem Press, ISBN 0-89356-910-0, hardcover [no dustjacket], 10/1996


Westfahl, Gary - "The Sequelizer, or The Farmer Gone to Hell"

Article about the different kinds of sequels Farmer has written, "...one author who truly stands out for his numerous and varied contributions to this art form...". With this article you learn for instance what 'realquels', 'leakquels', 'illequels', 'freakquels', 'invisiquels' and many other forms of sequels there are, and which of Farmer's stories are categorized as such.
  • Science Fiction Eye #11, December 1992
    [Magazine, edited by Stephen P. Brown. Essay illustrated by Ernest Hogan.]

Rick Berry

White, Ted - "A Look At Sex in SF"
Essay and review of Farmer's The Image of the Beast, published by Essex House in 1968. White doesn't think high of Farmer as a (pornographic) writer. And especially about this book: «...The book was a chore to read...» and then he gives some examples of «...Farmer's heavy clumsiness with words...». His qualifications of the novel are: "wooden prose", "no pace", and "monotonous tone of porno". White's conclusion: "Pulp trash".
In the same issue is a more positive piece about the same book by J.B. Post; see here. And in issue # 465 an even more positive essay by Norman Spinrad, see here.
  • Science Fiction Times # 464, March 1969
    [Fanzine, edited by Ann F. Dietz.]


White, Ted - "Uffish Thots"

In his column White describes his - sometimes antagonistic - relationship with Farmer during the early 1970s. He also discusses Farmer's work about Doc Savage and Doc Caliban, books he never expects to read, because "...I feel reading those books would be a form of rape...".
  • Science Fiction Review #15, November 1975
    [Fanzine, edited by Richard E. Geis. In this issue also a letter by Philip José Farmer.]

Grant Canfield

Whitney, Paul - "Philip José Farmer: a Checklist"

A bibliography of all the editions of Farmer's books, short fiction and non-fiction. Illustrated with many reproduced covers of the books.
  • The Science-Fiction Collector #5, September 1977
    [Fanzine, edited by J. Grant Thiessen. The bibliography is preceded with an appreciation of Farmer by J. Grant Thiessen.]

Lari Davidson

Wilson, Robert Anson - "Wilson on Farmer"

Wilson discusses the Riverworld series. Followed by "Farmer on Wilson", in which Farmer discusses Wilson's work.
  • Heavy Metal #54, September 1981
    [Comic magazine, edited by Julie Simmons-Lynch.]

Chris Achilleos

Wingrove, David (ed.) - "Farmer, Philip José"
Entry - with a photo - about Farmer's wriring career, from "The Lovers" till his erotic novels, the Riverworld books and the herein called Tier World series. "Where he has concentrated on fundamental sf themes Farmer has emerged as one of the best writers in the field, with many excellent novels, although his best work seems to be from his early years."
  • Science Fiction Source Book, edited by David Wingrove
    Longman, ISBN 0-582-55592-2, hardcover, -/1984


Wolfe, Gary K. - "The Dawn Patrol: Sex and Technology in Farmer and Ballard"

  • New York Review of Science Fiction #25, September 1990
    [Review magazine, edited by Kathryn Cramer & L. W. Currey.]
  • (as: "The Dawn Patrol: Sex, Technology, and Irony in Farmer and Ballard")
    State of the Fantastic (Studies in the Theory and Practice of Fantastic Literature and Film), edited by Nicholas Ruddick
    Greenwood Press, ISBN 0-31327-853-9, hardcover [no dustjacket], 09/1992
    [Selected essays from the Eleventh International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, 1990.]


Wolfe, Gary K. - "The Key to the Gates"
Essay about Phil's life and work, his many ideas and originality: «For much of his career, I think, Phil kept searching for a vision that could accommodate his huge appetite for assimilating everything he saw or read, for that key to the gates.»
  • FarmerCon IV, edited by Michael Croteau
    Michael Croteau, pamphlet, 06/2009

Charles Berlin

Wolfe, Gary K. - "On a Riverboat with the Farmers"
Report of a 'strange' boat trip in 1990, with a water taxi in Fort Lauderdale.
  • Farmerphile Issue No. 4, April 2006
    [Fanzine, edited by Christopher Paul Carey & Paul Spiteri.]
  • The Best of Farmerphile, edited by Michael Croteau
    Meteor House, ISBN 978-1-945427-08-4, hardcover, 07/2017
    Meteor House, ISBN 978-1-945427-07-7, trade paperback, 07/2017

Jason Robert Bell

Wolfe, Gary K. - "A Riverworld Runs Through Toontown"

Wolfe describes a wonderful Riverworld film clip, written for the occasion of Farmer receiving the Grand Master Award 2001.
See also Harlan Ellison.
  • The Bulletin No.150, Summer 2001

George Barr

Wolfe, Gary K. - "The Road Runner"

Obituary of Philip José Farmer (1918-2009). Remembering some of the talks Wolfe had with him, for instance about his role as Trickster.
In this issue also orbituaries by Charles N. Brown, Joe Haldeman, Christopher Paul Carey, Mary A. Turzillo, and Richard A. Lupoff.

  • Locus Issue 579, Vol. 62 No. 4, April 2009
    [Newszine, edited by Charles N. Brown.]


Wolfe, Gary K. - "Up The Bright River: The Worlds Of Philip José Farmer"
Introduction, about Farmer's life and writing, about the different kinds of Farmer readers, and of course about the stories included in the collection.
  • Up the Bright River, edited by Gary K. Wolfe
    Subterranean Press, ISBN 978-1-59606-329-7, hardcover, 03/2011

Bob Eggleton

Wollheim, Donald A. - "Of Gods Like Men".
In chapter 11, with the above title, of this book Wollheim discusses Farmer's World of Tiers series: "...The novels are a veritable fireworks of new concepts in biology and fantasy lands—the creations fall over each other and the possibilities continue to burst from Farmer's mind in ever-growing array...".
  • The Universe Makers
    Harper & Row, ISBN 0-06-014727-X, hardcover, -/1971
    Gollancz, ISBN 0-575-01338-9, hardcover, -/1972
  • (French: "Des hommes-dieux")
    Les faiseurs d'univers
    Robert Laffont, trade paperback, -/1974
  • (Dutch: "Van goden als mensen")
    Het science fiction universum
    Brabantia Nostra, no ISBN, trade paperback, -/1977

John Douet

Woodman, Tom - "Science fiction, religion and transcendence"

An essay about novels and stories on religious themes. Examples of Farmer's writings mentioned in this essay are "Prometheus" ("... a much cleverer and more sceptical story on the theme than most..."), Night of Light ("...fascinating exploits with the wholly fictional Manichaeist religion..."), "Sail On! Sail On!" ("...treat the theme of the relationship between science and religion...") and To Your Scattered Bodies Go ("...Farmer is translating theological concepts into pseudo-scientific ones solely for fun...").
  • Science Fiction, A Critical Guide, edited by Patrick Parrinder
    Longman (UK), ISBN 0-582-48928-8, hardcover, -/1979
    Longman (UK), ISBN 0-582-48929-6, trade paperback, -/1979
    [See also Sutherland, J.A.]


Wymer, Thomas L. - "Philip José Farmer"

  • Twentieth-Century American Science Fiction Writers, Part 1: A-L (Dictionary of Literary Biography, Volume 8), edited by David Cowart & Thomas L. Wymer
    Gale, ISBN 0-8103-0918-1, hardcover [no dustjacket],


Wymer, Thomas L. - "Philip José Farmer: The Trickster as Artist"

  • Voices for the Future, Vol. 2, edited by Thomas Clareson
    Bowling Green University Popular Press, ISBN 0-87972-135-9, hardcover, -/1979 
    Bowling Green University Popular Press, ISBN 0-87972-136-7, paperback, -/1979


Wymer, Thomas L. - "Speculative Fiction, Bibliographies, & Philip José Farmer"

Essay about the reason why of the bibliography, the problems which were encountered, the interrelatedness of Farmer's stories, how to class his stories, a list of important Farmer series, planned books and stories, plus a very thorough bibliography till 1977.
See also: Ronald Swiddle
  • Extrapolation Vol.18 #1, December 1976
    [Academic journal, edited by Thomas D. Clareson.]


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