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News & What's New - October 2007
Up From the Bottomless Pit
Subterranean Press keeps bringing new collections of fiction and non fiction by Farmer, and that's good news for us, the Farmerians.
After The Best of Philip José Farmer (2006) and Pearls from Peoria (2006) this is the third collection. A fourth one, Venus on the Half-Shell and Others is already scheduled for publication early next year.
Every item in Up From the Bottomless Pit and Other Stories is reprinted from Farmerphile. For those who bought the first ten issues of this fanzine, there is nothing new in the book. Reprinted is not the correct word for all of the material, because the book got published just before issue number 9 of Farmerphile was published, and issue number 10 will be published in October.
As might be expected from Subterranean Press this is again a very beautiful book. It also has many interior illustrations. We received the slipcased, numbered and signed edition in August, and the lettered edition in a traycase just came this month, October. Both editions were sold out with the publisher within a month after publication. Maybe you can still find a copy with one of the online booksellers. Check this quickly before all books are gone, if you want a copy.
The lettered edition comes with an extra piece, see the book page.

Mike Croteau, publisher of Farmerphile, did a fantastic job searching in the archives at Phil Farmer's home for 'old' stories and articles that were not published before. He did us all a great favor finding several of them. Probably none of the stories will gain an award, none of them will be published in 'The Best SF of the Year' anthologies, but that does not change the fact that this book makes a good read.
Actually, this book does not contain much of science fiction. Most of the stories are in fact 'mainstream', or only with a hint at science fiction, like the novel Up From the Bottomless Pit. Phil Farmer started his writing career writing stories for the mainstream market. Only one of those stories got published at the time, "O'Brien and Obrenov".
But the rediscovered treasures all have the trademark of a typical Farmer story, they are witty. It shows that the author must have had a good time writing these stories. Although many are humorous, there is always a serious undertone, like a warning about pollution for instance. You might be surprised of how readable and entertaining these stories still are, years after they were written. It is nearly unbelievable that some of them were not sold and published before.
I have been enthusiastic with the publication of each story in the issues of Farmerphile and can only say that you are in for a treat with this collection!

Christopher Paul Carey, editor of Farmerphile and also the editor of this book, did a great job too, writing special introductions to nearly every item in the book - there is one story introduction by Win Scott Eckert - and a general introduction to the book, "Philip José Farmer: On the Road to the Emerald City." These introductions give some interesting background information on the items in the book.


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Farmerphile Number 9
Already the ninth issue of Farmerphile. This was supposed to be the last but one, but the publisher found another few stories in the basement of Farmer's house. They will be published in at least five extra issues of the fanzine. I'm sure they will have the same quality as we have seen in the issues published by now. This is something to look forward to!

What brings issue number 9? More than a third of the thicker than ever issue (56 pages) is about Opar and Tarzan, with articles by Christopher Paul Carey, Dennis E. Power, and Robert R. Barrett, and with a letter by Phil Farmer himself, and finally the Bibliophile column by Paul Spiteri about the Tarzan and Opar related novel Time's Last Gift. Reading all this gives a sad feeling that Farmer, alas, did not write more novels in the Opar series. Only two were published, a third was announced but never saw print.
Then there is a Star Trek screen treatment, "The Rebels Unthawed", by Farmer, which has been reworked for publication. It was long thought that Farmer only wrote two treatments for Star Trek - but never used for the series -, "The Shadow of Space" and "Sketches Among the Ruins of My Mind", but this proofs it otherwise. Win Scott Eckert wrote an interesting introduction to the story, and Danny Adams tells in his article something more about Star Trek and the three screen treatments for the series by Farmer.

In his column Creative Mythography gives Win Scott Eckert the second and final part of the Sexton Blake story "The Shades of Pemberley".
Finally of course is part 9 of the novel Up from the Bottomless Pit. If you do not have the book yet with this novel then you sure would want this and the next and final installment of the novel.

With the publication of the collection Up From the Bottomless Pit and Other Stories we got another glimpse at the contents of issue No. 10 of Farmerphile. The story "A Peoria Night" has some of the same colorful characters Farmer used in the other Peoria based story, the novel Nothing Burns in Hell.

You can buy the issues with an email to Mike Croteau of The Official PJF Home Page for $10 per issue.

April 2007
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Redesign of the website - Part 6
We had, with the previous update, 47 of the 93 book pages redesigned. With this update there are now 66 of the total 97 book pages restyled and completely checked again for every publication. Also added were numerous cover scans.
As you can see there are four new book pages, for the new collection Up from the Bottomless Pit and Other Stories, and for three newly discovered omnibuses. Two from Russia, Одиссея Грина (1994) and Пир потаенный (1993), and one from Ukraine, Плоть (1993).
Ukraine is a 'new' country on this website, we did not have books from Ukraine till now.

As I have said before, the restyling, checking every publication, and scanning all the covers takes a lot of time. We will go on with the next thirty one pages, of course!

The City Beyond Play
This new novel from Philip José Farmer, and finished by Danny Adams, was announced for mid 2007, then to September 2007. According to the website of the publisher PS Publishing the book can be expected at the end of 2007.
But the Philip José Farmer Newsletter gives the news that the book is now shipping from the publisher! We have not seen it yet, but as soon as the book arrives I will add a new book page with the information.
I checked the publisher's just completely restyled website again, and that now gives again as publication date: September 2007... (?)
17 November: It has arrived, see the book page!

The novella has been reviewed by Rich Horton in Locus Issue 560, September 2007: "...It starts promisingly, as a murderer in a post-scarcity future comes to the medieval themed enclave Scandia to hide... alas, the story loses its way: the main character becomes a flat cliché, and the originally interesting setup becomes routine, while the ending is just too convenient..."

On the publisher's website I saw that Steve Mazey also reviewed the novel for the planned online publication Tetragon Science Fiction Magazine. Steve said The City Beyond Play is: "...a wonderful piece of whimsy ... a medieval, chivalrous adventure of feudal realms, nobles and serfs, damsels and knights. But for all that ... most definitely a science fiction book."

PS Publishing, 2007
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Interviews with Farmer
More than twenty years ago Darrell Schweitzer had an interview with Phil Farmer. That interview got first published in the US in Amazing, November 1984. It had been published in translation in Germany nearly a year before that, in the collection Bizarre Beziehungen (Strange Relations).
One of the reprints of this interview, in the magazine The Bulletin, No. 150, Summer 2001, had a small update.

The original interview has also been reprinted in an until now unknown book, Speaking of the Fantastic II (Interviews With the Masters of Science Fiction and Fantasy) by Darrell Scweitzer. The book, a trade paperback edition, has been published by the Wildside Press in 2004 for $17.95.

With the previous update I also mentioned a reprint of another interview with Phil Farmer in the book Haunters of the Dark by Philip A. Shreffler ($14.95).
That book was first announced for May 2005, it has changed several times (for instance to September 2006 and July 2007) and at this moment it is announced for publication in September 2007 ... oh no, it has just changed to January 2008.
I ordered a copy but haven't seen it yet. If the publisher, Dinoship, will ever actually publish it is unknown.

Both books can be ordered with the online bookshops.

I also finally found a copy of the magazine The Baum Bugle (A Journal of Oz), Spring 1983, that contains an interview with Phil. Next to the interview this issue also has two reviews of the novel A Barnstormer in Oz.

Wildside Press, tpb, 2004
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Science Fiction Times #465
I have been searching for a copy of issue No. 464, March 1969 of Science Fiction Times a long time, but still have not found it yet. This issue contains the article "A Look At Sex In SF" by J.B. Post and Ted White.
The article already had been mentioned on this site, but we did not know that there was a part two of the article in the next issue.
Recently I did find a copy of issue No. 465, April 1969 of Science Fiction Times, that contains part two of the article "A Look At Sex In SF". This part is written by Norman Spinrad. The article also goes at length about the work of Philip José Farmer. We have added the new information on the Works About pages.

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The Poisened Pen
We knew about an article "Mystery Plus: Image of the Beast" by R. Jeff Banks in the fanzine The Poisoned Pen but never knew what this really was. Until now, that is.
I found a copy of the fanzine. The article is a critical review of The Image of the Beast and its sequel Blown from the point of view of a mystery fan.

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Encyclopedia of Science Fiction
Completely new on this site are the interesting entries about Phil Farmer, the Riverworld series, and the story "Riders of the Purple Wage" in the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction by Don D'Ammassa (Facts on File, hardcover, 2005, $75.00).
D'Ammassa about Farmer: "His earlier novels are just as fresh and entertaining today as they were when they first appeared..."

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501 Must-Read Books
Also new in the Bibliography is an entry on To Your Scattered Bodies Go by Cathy Lowne in the very comprehensive guide 501 Must-Read Books.
It is one of the fifty recommended science fiction books in the guide, edited by Emma Beare and published in 2006 in the UK by Bounty Books, hardcover, for £25.00.

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Doc Biggles Drummond Templar
Newly added on these website's pages is an article that I have just discovered, It has been published in Million: The Magazine about Popular Fiction No. 9, May-June 1992.
See the website for the complete contents.

The article, "Doc Biggles Drummond Templar—When He Was a Boy", by Graham Andrews is about Farmer's Doc Savage novel, Escape From Loki.
I have not found a copy of the magazine yet, so cannot tell you anything more about the article at this moment.

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German introduction to PJF
Again completely new is a German article, "Ein schrecklich ungezogenes Kind" by Olaf Kemmler in the magazine phantastisch! No. 28, (October 2007).
In this very thorough and six pages long article Olaf writes about Farmer's life and career, from the early days on till now, and highlights many of Phil's best known work along the way. The article is illustrated with photos and even with original artwork by Olaf himself.

For the long time Farmer fan there is nothing new in the article, but as Olaf stated in his email to me, he wanted to introduce Phil Farmer to a new generation of readers.
He concludes his article with: "Die große Stärke von Philip José Farmer ist also die Fantasie, die enorme Kraft der Imagination. Er gilt als Schöpfer großer Ideen. Seine scheinbar reinen Abenteuer-romane sind in Wahrheit mehr als bei einer oberflächlichen Betrachtung vermutet. Sie sind Gedankenexperimente, die so manch gewohnte Perspektive in Frage stellen."

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A Feast Unknown on YouTube
Jason Robert Bell made in 2005 a stage adaptation of Farmer's novel A Feast Unknown. He made this in a multimedia presentation of 30 minute segments. See his website about this.
Big chance that you missed Bell's presentation in the New York theater The Brick in June and July 2005. But Jason uploaded the first two chapters of his great presentation on YouTube where they can be watched.

Added Books
There are 18 book publications added on the book pages.
A Feast Unknown
The Russian omnibus (Пир потаенный) with the novels A Feast Unknown and Lord of the Trees, from Amex Ltd. "Lorys", 1993.
The Ukrainian edition (Плоть) from Hightech, 1990.
The Ukrainian omnibus (Плоть) with the novels Dare, Flesh and Traitor to the Living, plus two stories, from Alterpres (1993).
Green Odyssey
The Russian omnibus (Одиссея Грина) with the novels The Green Odyssey, Flesh and Inside Outside, plus two stories, from Parallel (1994).
Inside Outside
The second Spanish edition (Mundo infierno) from Producciones Editoriales, 1978.
Maker of Universes
The 1978 Spanish edition (El hacedor de universos) from fanzine publisher Zikkurath.
Night of Light
The Italian edition (Notte di luce) from Mondadori, 2007. The stories from Father to the Stars are also included in this collection.
Up From the Bottomless Pit and Other Stories
Both the numbered and the lettered editions from Subterranean Press, 2007.
New Covers
There are again many new cover scans on the bookpages, because of the restyling of these
pages. I will give every cover of each publication. And if I have the book, or otherwise received a picture from one of the contributors, also a large scan.
Due to the restyling of the book pages I cannot give you exact numbers right now. The numbers will be changing when I update a page in the new lay-out. I recheck every publication against my own collection or if needed with the available online information. When all is finished I will give these numbers again.

These are the about numbers, the last time - in November 2006 - they were counted:

1275 publications
750 different covers

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