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The Gate of Time & Two Hawks from Earth
21 April 2008

And yet another book page has been restyled, the page with the publications of the novel The Gate of Time, or with Farmer's restored title Two Hawks from Earth. In his foreword in the 1979 Ace edition Farmer explained why he restored the original title, also restored a by the Belmont editors bowdlerized scene, and that he had added about ten thousand words, including a new ending.
There is no known review or article comparing the old with the revised and expanded text. I have read the book too long ago to remember the differences. Maybe an idea for a next issue of Farmerphile?

The book page shows now twenty covers scans, seven more than with the previous layout. Eleven pages to go, see the index.

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New Italian edition of The Lovers
18 April 2008

Publisher Mondadori started in 2003 with the series Urania Collezione (or see here for all the covers), classic works by well known SF writers. Every month a new book.
In April 2008 the series reached number 063, with Gli amanti di Siddo (The Lovers) by Philip José Farmer. This is the fourth Farmer book in the series till now, the others are no. 015, Venere sulla conchiglia (Venus on the Half-Shell), no. 047, Il Fabbricante di universi (The Maker of Universes) and no. 052, Notte di Luce (Farther to the Stars).

The Urania Collezione books are sold as 'magazines' in newsstands and kiosks. They do not have an ISBN but have an ISSN, just like a magazine. The books are not for sale in the regular bookshops and also not available with the online bookshops. At least, not when they are new.
I got my copy thanks to Ernesto Vegetti, who sent me the book for free. He has compiled the Farmer bibliography in this edition, for which he used my online bibliography. At the back of the book are some Farmer websites mentioned, and the International Bibliography even receives some nice compliments with this.
Grazie Ernesto!

Franco Brambilla
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Farmerphile No. 12 announced
14 April 2008

Issue number 12 of the magazine Farmerphile will be published this month, April. The contents has been made known at the website, the Official Philip José Farmer Home Page, see here.
From the publisher: "This issue has a Sherlock Holmes theme and includes a speech that Phil gave to a chapter of the Baker Street Irregulars in 1975 called "Sherlock Holmes and Sufism." There is also a long article by Farmerage publisher George Scheetz, who was there with Phil when he created the Peoria Scion Society, The Hansoms of John Clayton, among many other articles which discuss Phil's Sherlockian writings."
You can order your copy for $11.00 at the website.

Speaking of Farmerphile, the publisher has put several issues of the magazine, signed by PJF, for auction on eBay. Even a complete set of eleven signed issues is for sale. Check the website for this.

Keith Howell
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Farmerphile No. 11
10 April 2008

Finally I had some time to read this issue completely and to add all the new information on the pages of the website. Time flies when you are having fun is a saying, but it also flies as fast and maybe even faster otherwise, when you have lots to do.
For most part Issue number 11 of the magazine Farmerphile is lots of fun, 56 pages of fun. With two completely new stories by Farmer, wow! The before unpublished manuscripts were offered for publication by an old time friend of Farmer, Robert R. Barrett.
"The First Robot" is a nice story, not a great one. I do not agree with the editor of Farmerphile that if the story had been published in the 1950s when it was written "the story probably would have been highly anthologized, and might have reached the same critical acclaim as "Sail On! Sail On!"" I do not believe that, the second story is far better and more original. "The First Robot" is a very short story, the title is a little misleading, it has nothing to do with the time in which the story plays.

The second story, "Duo Miaule", is a mix of humorous fantasy and private eye mystery. I like this one a lot, it reminded me somewhat of his much later written private eye novel Nothing Burns in Hell. In the story some people can transit into the body of a cat, which is what the private eye, Dirk Cannon, also does. And when he meets the woman/cat he is looking for, Dirk concludes after a short conversation: "Fundamentally, Fleena, you're a real pussy—sleek and beautiful and selfish and sadistic-masochistic."

It is a small world sometimes, Fleena is also the name of the cat of Tom Wode Bellman. We have written about Tom before, see here. The name of his cat is mentioned in Tom's blog.

The rest of issue 11? It is a special 90th Birthday issue for Philip José Farmer, with many birthday wishes. Bette Farmer writes about earlier birthdays, funny stories from Spider Robinson and Howard Waldrop, solved mysteries from Chris Carey, the rules to include characters into the Wold Newton Family —and Farmer might be one of the next few to be included— from Win Scott Eckert, a reprint of an article by Farmer plus his own comment on this under a different name, another look at Farmer's Tarzan and Doc Savage by Robert Barrett, and finally again an interesting discussion by Paul Spiteri about one of Farmer's novels, A Barnstormer in Oz this time.
Enough to read and enjoy!

You want a copy? Order it from the publisher, Mike Croteau, on the website, The Official PJF Home Page.

Joey Van Massenhoven
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Contemporary Literary Criticism, CLC-1
10 April 2008

In February I received a copy of another volume in this series, CLC-19 (see Sharon R. Gunton), with excerpts of criticism about Farmer's work. That volume referred to the first volume in the series and so for that reason I had to try to get a copy of CLC-1.
Carolyn Riley, editor of CLC-1, gives in the entry about Farmer only one excerpt of a criticism on Farmer's work, written by Donald A. Wollheim in his study The Universe Makers. Again and alas, like CLC-19 there is nothing new, but then there were only a handful of known critical essays about Farmer's work at the time of publication of CLC-1 in 1973. If nothing new, we do know now what's in the book.

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Added Books
Only 1 publication has been added on the book pages in April 2008.
The Lovers
The new Italian edition (Gli amanti di Siddo) from Mondadori.
Due to the restyling of the book pages I cannot give you exact numbers right now. When all is finished I will give these numbers again.

These are the about numbers, the last time - in November 2006 - they were counted:

1275 publications
750 different covers

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